We are a company that thrives on making our customers happy. Seeing the smile and excitement that our customers have waiting and opening our products warms our heart. 


The idea for Honey Vixen products came from noticing that more products of hair growth are starting to have more chemicals to grow your hair instead of natural products. Let’s be real, it takes time for hair  to grow and it doesn’t happen overnight. In order for your hair to grow we don’t need chemicals we need to nurture and love our hair as well as our bodies. Honey Vixen has products that have no harsh chemicals or burn the scalp that can harm the hair while nurturing the scalp to grow the hair. We strive to make products to grow, restore moisture and reverse some of the damages we tend to put on our hair on a day to yearly basis. 


The owner of Honey Vixen is Alicia Brown and she started out young having skin problems of her own. From the womb she was a gray child and didn’t get color until she was about two or three months old. She had severe eczema as well as other issues. During her childhood her family had to find soaps that are very soft on the skin and with little to no scent to restore the skin problems. As an adult she now takes that in consideration when making products as well as using every product on herself before selling. 


Alicia is a Military Veteran (Army) with previous experience of how to run a business as well as how to treat customers. 


We will be providing other additions to the family in the future. We know you will enjoy us adding to the collection as our product family begins to grow.

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